Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our boring ol' life

I have received some lovely notes on Emmie's star photo. We had such a great time with the photo and can't wait to take more. Of course there are tons of ideas running through our heads. I have an awesome camera, but I have to figure it all out, which is the hard part! I would love to go in and take a photo like that of all Mrs. Buck's kids. After all, they all ARE special little stars in this world!

School work has been blah. Nothing exciting really. We did try a tactile activity yesterday with her spelling words. She was able to use hair gel (double bagged an entire bottle of blue hair gel) to "write" her words out. She had a great time writing the words in the gel and it was a GREAT activity for her to "see" and "feel" them. She is only struggling with about four words this week, which is nice. For some reason, every time she spells "tables" it gets spelled "tadoles". She has this small dry erase board and she loves taking a practice spelling test everyday and using that board. So, we have been doing that every afternoon. So, spelling we are plugging along with. It's hard work for both of us! The math worksheet tonight was "easy peasy". It involved regrouping three digit numbers and she breezed right through it with no mistakes. Reading..of course we have been doing a LOT of that. Remember we read the book "Pumpkin Soup" the other night? Well, there is a part two called "A Pipkin of Pepper" and it was just as cute as the first book! Both were adorable fall time books and we enjoyed them! Tonight we started on a new book, a chapter book. It's titled "Houndsley and Catina". We read chapter one which is about Houndsley the dog and Catina the cat. They are best friends. Catina is writing her memoirs, which happen to be over 70 chapters long! Houndsley reads them and the book isn't that good :( But he doesn't know how to tell his friend. I adored the first chapter! Illustrations are fabulous too! I can't wait to read the next chapter with Emmie. I love to find books that give you the "can't wait" feeling! And today, it seems like it's harder and harder to find GOOD children's literature. We also read a story they are reading in class called, "The Keeping Quilt" before she had to take the test on it.

She has had more focus recently, more drive. She has always been a go-getter type when it comes to her schoolwork, but lately it seems like she has something to prove. She also is working towards treats so I am putting together a token system, which I have mentioned before. She will be earning tokens for 100% spelling tests right now, however we are exploring other options for tokens. Prizes will vary, ice cream, stickers, new book, time in the Motor Room with Mrs. Buck's class (her favorite reward!), etc.

Things are going pretty good right now (knock on wood).

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