Thursday, September 3, 2009

Where's all the marshmallows?

My friend's son has this nose maker that says the days of the week. On Thursday it says something like, "It's Thursday, that's like Friday EVE". I was so glad today was Thursday because it was one day closer to the long weekend! Today started out on a bad note when I poured a bowl of Lucky Charms only to discover very few marshmallows in my bowl. That is a sin in my book! Seriously, there should be MORE marshmallows in a box! I think a 50/50 ratio would be a nice start, but that's just my opinion.

Today I was at the school nearly all day. I think I killed 20 trees to make the copies for the 4th grade classes! Wow, it took forever to copy and staple their spelling and language arts for the next two weeks! While I was searching for more staples, I ran into Superwoman. She said Emmie had completed her AR test on the story they have been reading in class called, "The Lost and Found". We have also been reading the story in the evenings and working on comprehension questions to ensure she understands what she was reading. Anyway, she during her Learning Center with Superwoman she took the test by the questions, read the answers, AND made 100 percent!! This is a huge step for her to be able to read the questions and answers to herself. It seems everyday she is growing :)

I received an email from the Cued Speech lady, Joan. She has been working on an intervention model for Emmie. I will be meeting her within the next week or two to see what she has developed and how it will fit in Emmie's activities.

Something else happened today that I'm still pissed about. I was in the lunchroom working and one of the other Noon Duties came into the cafeteria. She said, "There is a problem with your daughter and the teacher needs you now". Well, knowing Emmie doesn't have any sort of emotional outbursts my thoughts went to something along the lines of her being hurt. I told my friend and other Noon Duty, Chris, I would be right back and headed down the hall to her classroom. Long story short, she apparently told a little girl that her outfit looked like a halloween costume and it hurt the little girls feelings. The situation was already taken care of and the girls had "made up" and Emmie had apologized. All was well. The teacher did not say what the Noon Duty told me she did. The Noon Duty should have never been in the middle of it and certainly should have never stepped on the teacher's toes or came into the cafeteria to get me. My feeling is during the hours of 8:15 and 2:30, the teacher's in charge! And I have faith that both of them can handle it if a problem does arise. Of course, knowing my redneck temper, I said something to the Noon Duty. I am still so frustrated though. I know Emmie made a mistake, but what a lot of people don't understand is her socialization issues. It's easy to say, "oh that child has ADHD" or "this child has autism" and get people to understand their "quirky" little ways. However, how do I get people to understand CAPD? It just really gets under my skin when people step over boundaries like this Noon Duty did...I am so not looking forward to working with her tomorrow!!!

Well, that's all folks! I have a TON of homework to complete and for some reason time is ticking faster than I wish. Emmie worked really hard on her homework this week and I am looking forward to seeing her spelling test tomorrow. But after that test comes a whole new list of words. It never ends.....

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