Friday, June 24, 2011


As many of you know, we are on a never ending waiting list for a Neuro Psych eval. I say never ending because each time I call Sutter to follow up on where we are on the waiting list, we seem to be pushed back a few months. Now, they tell us it'll be September. Nice huh?

Enter the special needs playgroup~a group of moms with children with various needs that come together during the week so the kids can have some social interaction time and the moms can talk to someone other than Elmo. In Elmo's defense, he is obviously a great talker but sometimes there's only so much you can take if you are over the age of 5! Anyway, one of the moms recommended another doctor who not only would do the Neuro Psych eval she would also file all the paperwork with our insurance company. I wouldn't have to go see the moron pediatrician for a referral! SCORE! I called her and it seems she can see Emmie in JULY!!! The doctor sent me the intake forms and it took me nearly three hours to complete! But, the "Book of Emmie" is now in the mail to her and we are all ready for a July eval. I seriously can not tell you how excited we are!

Lately, Emmie has been having some real off days. A few days ago we went to the library to pick out some summer reading books and the kids picked up movies. Emmie loves watching movies! She came home and watched her movie in her room. Later that night at bedtime, she was watching the same movie, this time with subtitles. I thought maybe she turned them on and didn't know how to turn them off. So, I asked her. Nope, she said she couldn't hear what the movie was saying if they mumbled or moved a lot. I asked if she could read what the words said and of course, not really. Now, anytime she watches a movie she watches with subtitles. This is a new development and although she has had several normal hearing screenings, we will be making her an appointment for another one just to be sure. I'm hopeful this Neuro Psych eval will shed some light on what in the world is going on!!!

Anyway, we are going on vacation soon! YAY! New post on traveling soon :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

A day in the life..

As much as I say I'll blog regularly, it just doesn't happen. I have really good intentions, but life somehow, always gets in the way.

Emmie had her first sleep over, well first one without her big sister there, over the weekend. I can not tell you how excited she was. I mean, the sleep over was on Saturday and she was packed on Tuesday. I, of course, had to re-pack her because I think she thought she was going for a year! I took her to her friends house around 5 pm and saw her around noon the next day. Her friend had a sporting event and I came along to cheer her on. After, we had lunch then swam at her house for a few hours. Although Emmie got 8 hours of sleep at the sleepover, she slept an entire 15 hours last night. Any sort of change or over stimulation like going to a sleepover completely and totally exhausts her. She had a blast though and I know we'll be having many more sleepovers in the future, but it breaks my heart to see her so tired over the situation. There is nothing that could have been know, it's just part of having a special need.

Which brings me to how our night ended. Emmie came down from her bath sporting white and blue capri pants and a pink and white striped shirt. She always chooses comfort over fashion and could simply care less if she matched. I rolled my oldest daughter's hair with her dad's dress socks. Yes, you read that right! Thank you YouTube! LOL And had one sock left over. Emmie decided it MUST go with her outfit and put on the one sock. I wanted to take her picture, however asking her to take her picture lead to a complete meltdown. Another day in the life I suppose....