Friday, March 26, 2010


I'm frustrated to say the least. A friend referred me to the Pediatric Case Manager at our hospital. I had heard that he works hard to help our children get what they need from the insurance company, community, and school. I called him today. Although he seems to be a nice gentleman and really seems to want to help, he was honest. He said not to get my hopes up on getting Speech Therapy covered for Emmie because CAPD is a hard one to get our insurance company to recognize. I appreciate his honesty, but I'm so frustrated. I don't ask a lot from our medical facility and insurance. I'm not a problem child! My children (knock on wood) are rarely sick and require treatment, usually we only need a once a year check up. We don't use off base providers or require the insurance company to pay for anything off base. My daughter has a known disability and I don't understand why it's so hard to get her speech therapy! I'm not asking the insurance company to fully foot the bill, but geez people.

So, now I am suppose to submit all the paperwork I have on Emmie to this Case Manager and see what happens. I can't help but feel like it's a waste of time. I don't think I'm being unrealistic, asking for assistance in paying for speech therapy. I know the school is doing the best they can, but let's face it, with budget cuts and higher class sizes...she's wasting her time by being pulled out of class. We should all be in it for the children, and yet, California's government could really care less. It's about money.

I am just so damn frustrated with the Air Force, the insurance company, Doug's command, and the school system. I don't want an easy fix, I just want ONE person on our side!

In 15 plus years, our children will be the ones running this country. We should be scared.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Short and sweet

The winds are blowing in California, as we welcome Spring with blooming flowers and trees. A lot has happened since my last post to you. First, I passed my No Child Left Behind exam to become a Para educator. I haven't had any sub jobs yet, but am very excited to learn more about the field including ways that I can incorporate learning modalities at home too.

Tomorrow Doug has an important meeting, which I can't tell you about yet. Let's just say that we aren't happy and hopefully we will have some closure soon.

Anyway, we are continuing our program at home and hoping everyday for more awareness of Central Auditory Processing Disorder. CAPD is real, people. It affects so many children and so many go misdiagnosed. Em is making progress, but I know in my heart that she could be further along that she is. So many budget cuts and the people that are in charge of those very cuts have no idea how it's affecting the children. These children, in ten plus years, will be the ones running this country. We should be scared. They are not getting the education they need and deserve.
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Monday, March 1, 2010


I was hoping to get new photos of the kids today, but I will admit we were super lazy today and it was great! I am so overwhelmed lately and we all needed a day of nothing.

Time is going by super fast and before you know it the time will come for state testing. I do not like state testing, although I understand the need for it. I mean, you have to know where students across the board are ranking in order to ensure the educational system is "working". But, I always think that I know my children and I know there is no test score on a piece of colored paper that is going to change that. This year, I am excited about the testing. See, my oldest has never had a problem with test taking. The bar graph always exceeds the above average category. My son, ha, could really care less and feels it's just more work and his teacher is out to get him and that is why she is making them take this never ending test. His little bar graph is also usually high. Then there is Emmie, her bar graph is sometimes barely a bar. Test taking is overwhelming for her. It's too much all at once and it drains her.

This year, however, her wonderful Superwoman of a Resource Specialist approached me about a different test. Same basic grade level material, just set up a little different! I am so excited to see how she goes this year! Usually, I open the test scores when the kids are not around, read them, and then tuck them away. We don't discuss them or really put any sort of weight on them. They are what they are and certainly not a test to show me my child! Anyway, this test is called the California Modified Assessment. Larger fonts, shorter passages, extra white space so it's not overwhelming...the whole design is actually something you can tell someone with knowledge of how a special needs child thinks put together! Check it out and let me know what you think.

Later taters!