Monday, March 22, 2010

Short and sweet

The winds are blowing in California, as we welcome Spring with blooming flowers and trees. A lot has happened since my last post to you. First, I passed my No Child Left Behind exam to become a Para educator. I haven't had any sub jobs yet, but am very excited to learn more about the field including ways that I can incorporate learning modalities at home too.

Tomorrow Doug has an important meeting, which I can't tell you about yet. Let's just say that we aren't happy and hopefully we will have some closure soon.

Anyway, we are continuing our program at home and hoping everyday for more awareness of Central Auditory Processing Disorder. CAPD is real, people. It affects so many children and so many go misdiagnosed. Em is making progress, but I know in my heart that she could be further along that she is. So many budget cuts and the people that are in charge of those very cuts have no idea how it's affecting the children. These children, in ten plus years, will be the ones running this country. We should be scared. They are not getting the education they need and deserve.
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