Monday, March 1, 2010


I was hoping to get new photos of the kids today, but I will admit we were super lazy today and it was great! I am so overwhelmed lately and we all needed a day of nothing.

Time is going by super fast and before you know it the time will come for state testing. I do not like state testing, although I understand the need for it. I mean, you have to know where students across the board are ranking in order to ensure the educational system is "working". But, I always think that I know my children and I know there is no test score on a piece of colored paper that is going to change that. This year, I am excited about the testing. See, my oldest has never had a problem with test taking. The bar graph always exceeds the above average category. My son, ha, could really care less and feels it's just more work and his teacher is out to get him and that is why she is making them take this never ending test. His little bar graph is also usually high. Then there is Emmie, her bar graph is sometimes barely a bar. Test taking is overwhelming for her. It's too much all at once and it drains her.

This year, however, her wonderful Superwoman of a Resource Specialist approached me about a different test. Same basic grade level material, just set up a little different! I am so excited to see how she goes this year! Usually, I open the test scores when the kids are not around, read them, and then tuck them away. We don't discuss them or really put any sort of weight on them. They are what they are and certainly not a test to show me my child! Anyway, this test is called the California Modified Assessment. Larger fonts, shorter passages, extra white space so it's not overwhelming...the whole design is actually something you can tell someone with knowledge of how a special needs child thinks put together! Check it out and let me know what you think.

Later taters!

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