Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's Friday Eve!

Thursday's are the most wonderful days of the week! They are sort of like a pre-celebration day because after Thursday comes Friday! I am looking forward to this weekend. I have a long run scheduled for Saturday and maybe sneak in a rest day on Sunday. Emmie has a birthday party to go to on Sunday so hopefully it will be an easy day :)

Yesterday Emmie and I went shopping. She needed a gift sack and birthday card for a the party and I need a few things so we headed to Target. As you know, she has been wanting to purchase something for Mrs. Buck's class. Seriously, she has been driving me NUTS about it! We spent hours in Target..up and down the isles. Toy isle, Book isle, snack isle, arts/crafts isle and then back again. She found a cute little McDonald's play set but decided the plastic cookies were too small and someone might choke. Then came the wooden cupcake playset but of course it's made of wood and "Mom, they can't wash it" and "Mom, what if someone gets mad and throws it?". Then she got on the shaving cream kick. They needed shaving cream (it's a great kinesthetic activity) but it needed to be "non-toxic" but coming from Emmie, "It has to be okay to put in their mouth, just in case". Does anyone make non-toxic shaving cream because we had NO luck. Finally, on the way home from Target she decided a game might be nice. I spoke with one of the Aides who said they enjoyed playing games as a class so today I ran up to the store to find a game. My husband was with me. Bless his heart. He wanted so badly to buy "Whack a Mole". Umm..NO WAY! I wouldn't even buy that for US to play..can you imagine where those little plastic mallets would end up? Jensen would end up whacked in the head! Carrington would get whacked in the nose. I'm not psychic, but I'm certainly making a prediction! We settled on Lucky Ducks a game that helps with colors and shapes with these adorable little quackers! Emmie was so proud to take it to the class today. It really fills her heart to do something for someone else.

The weather was lovely today! I ran at 5:30 and almost looped back home to get a jacket, but knew if I did come back towards the house I wasn't going back out! So, I just sucked it up and kept on running :) The day went as usual. Short handed at work, won't even go there! The kids had an okay day. Jensen didn't have a lot of homework and sat down and did his reading without fuss. Score! Carrington didn't have much either and spent most of the afternoon on the telephone with her best friend. Emmie, she's a character. Her homework was okay. Spelling pre-test, she missed four which I completely expected. Math flashcards, check. Reading, check. Then we played Spelling scrabble with the new Scrabble Apple. She thought it was fun to find the letters from the apple and by the end the four she missed went down to two :) Tomorrow is a busy day for her as they have a fun activity planned for all morning! Can't wait to tell you all about it.

I have to tell you a quick little funny though. Since Carrington was on the phone so much today of course Emmie also wanted to be on the phone. She said, out loud, "who can I call?" My husband quickly replied.."hmm, call someone who cares!" Of course he was just joking but little Emmie thought long and hard about who cared. She had a short list of people, but upon realizing it was alittle late to call some she decided to call Aunt Rachel..after all, she cared and that was dad's rule. Emmie had a short chat with her :) We haven't talked to her in awhile and Emmie passed the phone to me. It was a nice to hear from her and we had a lovely chat :) It was a nice surprise!

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