Monday, September 14, 2009


I feel like taking a nap every afternoon after school. Seriously, I don't think I have ever been so exhausted. I was sitting with Emmie, doing homework after school, and it was all I could do to keep my eyes open! Work is stressful and spending hours preparing homework for Emmie is wearing me out...but of course I'm not going to stop's working :)

Today is Monday and you know how I just love those right? Yeah right! Last Friday Emmie spent time in what the teacher calls "Homework Club" for forgetting to return her reading log. I know it's important for her to remember, but she isn't the one in charge of her work when she is home..I am. I stapled her Friday work together and completely forgot to add the reading log. I emailed the teacher and she assured me Emmie would get credit for it, but she needed to remember to bring it. Okay, I can see her point..but I'm not sure she can see mine. I'm the parent and her homework is my responsibility. Especially something that I have to maintain everyday. We do so many other activities on a day to day basis that I feel punishing the children for a parent's mistake was wrong. Anyway, problem resolved but I'm still alittle irked by it.

Emmie took a pre-test in school today. I guess she missed Learning Center then went back later after their assembly. I am so sick of this (more on that tomorrow). Anyway, back to the subject, she missed 10 of the words. She was upset by it and said she would never get them right. I assured her she would work hard this week and do her best :) After school it was time for homework. Her classroom homework was to write her words three times each around a triangle. Can I tell you I dislike that homework? Again, I digress.....I also added a worksheet on analogies, which is something she needs to work on. Also we read the cutest book called "Russell and the Lost Treasure". Russell is the most adorable sheep with this long sleep cap. I also had her do a short story report on the book. I got the template for it online and once completed it looks like a flower. Adorable! She struggles with comprehension, so this was a fun way for her to tell me what she read! We also did scratch and sniff spelling words. I typed out her spelling words on blank flash cards and traced them with "smelly" 3D glue from Wal Mart. I made them while she was at school, so when it was time for them she was able to use her fingers to trace each letter while saying the letter, then sounding out the word. The bonus-she had to name the smell! Strawberry was our favorite! A GREAT kinesthetic activity. We also practiced subtraction flashcards-BLAH! And started reading a story they are working on in class. The Superwoman started a neat homework sheet for me so I know what Emmie is doing in class and Learning Center so we can reinforce it at home. I'm super excited about that!

Busy day, as always. I will warn you, tomorrow will be a complete post on my frustrations with this whole educational system (along with our homework for the day!)...but don't say I didn't warn you!

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