Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cleared up

Tonight was our Back to School night and boy am I exhausted! It is possible I will be in the bed before 2 am! The kids had a blast visiting their classrooms and Doug finally got to meet their teachers and see their rooms. Of course we ended the night with ice cream :)

Spelling homework has been cleared up!! Emmie will be completing the spelling list provided by Superwoman, instead of the classroom spelling list. The spelling book she is using is fabulous! It provides worksheets to be completed for comprehension. So, not only is she learning to spell the word but she is also learning what the word means! Homework so far has been great. She completes the classroom homework, like writing the words in sentences, but we also play games with her words and do different activities to help with her memory of the spelling. She practiced her subtraction flash cards today and only missed 7 out of 24..not bad! She also kicked Dad's butt in Spelling Memory! Our comprehension still isn't what it should be, but I'm happy that we are progressing.

I had a moment to talk with her school Speech Therapist tonight. She made some wonderful points about reading instruction in our schools. I'm not going to go into detail just yet, as I am working on my letter to the school district, however I will say she's one smart cookie! If someone would just LISTEN to her ideas, we could help so many children get the reading/spelling/comprehension help they needed!!!! Her passion for her students is certainly alive!

I have so many emails to return, so please be patient! I appreciate everyone who is writing and sharing their stories with me. I promise to write back soon!

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