Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The first day of fall? Yeah right!

Oh my how I love Wednesdays! The kids get out early from school every Wednesday at 1:05 so we have the whole afternoon :) Today was another HOT day in California. Yesterday was the first day of fall and I think it's going to be a miserable season! The kids haven't been able to play outside much. I don't like them to go outside when it's so hot out, seriously yesterday it was over 100 degrees! Anyway, so we all came home today and took some time to cool off before homework.

After snack and water, we sat down for another Wednesday list of homework. Wednesday was Read Naturally homework. Read Naturally is where Emmie reads a passage for fluency. I am suppose to time her, however this passage was another 3.0. We read it twice and on the third time I timed her for the first three sentences. She was able to answer the comprehension questions, however when it came to "re-telling" the story, she was only able to accurately re-tell one or two facts. She wrote more but it wasn't something she read in the story. That's another part of the CAPD, she sort of makes it up as she goes along to where and how she thinks it fits. We worked on another wipe-off spelling test. She did okay, misplacing "addrass" for address, "spet" for spent, and "agaen" for again. We also read an adorable little book called "Pumpkin Soup". It's a story about a duck, cat, and squirrel who all have their own jobs during the process of making pumpkin soup. The duck, however, wants to try a new job. An argument ensues and the duck leaves. The poor cat and squirrel realize it wasn't a big deal and they want to work comes back and they all work it out. Totally cute little book and perfect for fall (well, a state that is having NORMAL fall weather!). A big bowl of pumpkin soup would have been nice, but at 99 degrees I want pumpkin ice cream instead of soup!

Emmie and I had some shopping to do. Lately she has been wanting to go everywhere with me, so she rode to Target. On the way, I pulled out the small spelling flashcards I made with Boardmaker. Emmie gave mom a spelling test :) I pretended to sound out the words and even spelled one or two wrong. She had the best time correcting me!

I am hoping the temps cool off soon. I do not like hot weather, yeah I know, that's no surprise! This weekend I'll be working on a token system for Emmie. They use it in the classroom she visits for students to earn computer time. I plan to use it for her to earn time to go with that classroom to the motor room. She LOVES going with the students to the motor room and asks me everyday if she can go. But, because she is pulled out for Resource and Speech, I don't like her to go often. But, it certainly can be a reward for her since she enjoys it so much. I may even start a token system at home for her chores and work, maybe she will earn a special treat or since she loves to cook, maybe she can earn the privilege to plan and make dinner one night. Not sure yet, still ironing out the details :)

Tomorrow is Thursday-which I am told is like Friday EVE! WHOOHOO!!

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