Friday, September 18, 2009


Thank Goodness it's Friday! I am so glad this week is over, it's been a miserable week. I had a parent from Emmie's class speak to me yesterday about the class. Apparently I'm not the only one having trouble with the classroom. In a way I'm glad it's not just me, but then again, I'm sad that it's going like this. I'm still mulling over options and how I am going to approach this situation.

With Friday comes a spelling test! Emmie predicted she would miss 10 our of 16 words. I am happy to report Emmie's prediction did not come true! She only missed three words! She missed "paint" which she spelled "pait", "weigh" which I believe she spelled with an "a", and "danger" she spelled "dadger". She could not hear that "n" in the word at all. On Thursday when she took the pre-test she missed 8 words, so to go from 8 words down to 3 overnight..PROGRESS!! I have printed out the words for next week already using the Boardmaker program and they are laminated and ready to go! I also made an extra laminated set for the Superwoman to use in class. I have found the added visual helps Emmie remember the words and sometimes the spellings. She pictures it in her mind when you show her the graphic image paired with the word. The Boardmaker and Writing with Symbols program are wonderful additions to our supplemental education and I feel they are helping Emmie make progress.

Not all is peachy with Emmie right now. Something is going on at school to where she doesn't want to go to lunch recess. She goes to first and last recess and I believe it's because there is a teacher outside that she feels comfortable with. However, during lunch it's a few Noon Duty Supervisors that she isn't familiar with. The new population of students aren't exactly the nicest bunch so I fear she is being teased. She created an alternative plan for herself though. She goes into the County class, which is a wonderful little class of students with moderate to severe disabilities. The teacher is the most amazing woman and her aides are the kindest people I have ever met. Emmie loves going into their class and helping :) I hear she has a gift for helping her friends in this class and we are very proud of her. Spending time with her friends really makes her day and makes her feel important. I am thankful she has a plan and the fact she came up with it herself and even asked permission from the teacher is very mature for her!

We need some good book suggestions for the coming weeks. I'm so tired of buying books at the bookstore that turn out to be horribly written with no real theme or message. So, if you have a great book on your list that would be appropriate for Emmie please send a message!!

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