Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day

We have been enjoying the long weekend, so not much work has been done. Today, we did run some errands in Davis and stumbled upon a store called "Teach your Children, Inc". It was a small teaching supply store snuggled in a shopping center. We found an addition and subtraction wipe off mat! They are place mat sizes with addition and subtraction problems and you can use a No. 2 pencil to write in the answers, then wipe them off. Perfect for our homework practice! I also picked up a few containers of play foam. I think sometimes Emmie "over" thinks things and tries to hard, so I am going to try to have her play with the foam as we practice her spelling words. Maybe it will help take her "mind" off of the letters and letter sounds and help her remember them. I'll try anything!

We started Emmie's spelling words for next week today. The Superwoman gave me an extra copy of the spelling book, so we have a few extra days to practice her words. She did pretty well the first time we practiced them, although I would love to know how in the word she got "chaech" from "change". But overall, she did an awesome job the first time around :) She better not miss 6 words this week!! haha I also created her spelling words with the Boardmaker program today. I'm still learning my way around the program but so far, I'm loving it. Her words are small squares complete with visual reinforcement. I also covered them in contact paper so they can be handled and used without fear of smearing the print. I am so excited with the endless possibilities that comes with this program and how it is going to assist her everyday learning style.

Tomorrow is another day off from school! YAY! Wishing you a happy, relaxing Labor Day!!

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