Friday, September 4, 2009

Six words

Yesterday when we were practicing Emmie's spelling words, she told me she would miss six on her test today. "Oh no", I said, "I bet you won't miss six!". She assured me she would despite my encouragement. She had worked so hard this week on her words, so I thought she would miss maybe Saturday or January from her list, but surely none of the others. After school, I popped into her classroom to see her spelling test. She takes the spelling test in the Resource Room with Superwoman, but brings the test back to class so the teacher can record the grade. I went into the class and asked about Emmie's test. The teacher pulled it from the pile and guess what? She missed exactly SIX words! Some she just missed by one letter, such as "catch". She forgot the "t" in the word, which when you say the word you really don't hear a clear t sound. I had to laugh because she certainly predicted her score! She did, however, get 10 correct! She is something else!

We have the list for next week, so we will be starting tomorrow on those words. I'll make flashcards so we can play spelling match/memory, which she only wants to play with Dad because she totally kicks his butt in that game! I'm not sure what else we'll do this week with her words, but with it being a three day weekend, it gives me time to come up with something multi-sensory to help her practice. Doug brought home a small tape recorder which he used in meetings while in Germany, so I have a feeling that will be put to some good use with recording spelling words or stories for her to follow along. I think it's important to increase her auditory awareness if she can follow along with an oral reading of a story, such as a book on tape. I am fortune to have an extra spelling book from school which allows me to combine the activities at home with the activities at school. I think home-school connection is key to a student's performance and success, especially when you have a student with a special need. I look forward to creating ways for her to succeed every week :)

I am hoping this weekend will be "low key". Monday is Labor Day, so no school for me or the kids! I have some homework to complete and we'll work on spelling words and read, but nothing pressing to take care of. I also received the Boardmaker program in the mail and it has been downloaded! So, I will be squeezing in time this weekend to finish Emmie's schedules and communication journal for home. I wish I could convey how excited I am to have this program and be able to use it to reinforce and pre-teach concepts to Emmie!!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Labor Day!

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