Friday, September 25, 2009

Not as clueless as I thought!

The weekend has arrived with a bang! Today I spent most of the morning with Emmie's class. It was their station day and they completed language arts activities. The activity I was leading was a spelling tile game, which I named the Spelling Magic game because it sounded like more fun that way! They were given tiles labeled 1-12 and had to match the beginning and ending sounds using the tiles. Once you had all questions answered and the tiles in the spot you thought they went, you closed the boards and turned them out and like magic..colored tiles appeared instead of numbers! You then had to check to see if your pattern matched the book. If it matched, you answers all the questions correctly. It was a fun little activity and the students worked very well together.

I was worried about Emmie's spelling test. It's Friday-test day! However the activities began right when class started, so the spelling test couldn't be completed until after their fun. I tried to email the Superwoman, but to be honest, she has been locking her door in the morning because she can't seem to get her morning routine started because of interruptions. Her caseload is so overwhelming this year and despite me stopping by her office four times today, I never once saw her! She really needs a long vacation! But, Emmie completed her test later in the day. And the result was..........drum roll please.................100%! She struggled with a few of the words at home, so I wasn't sure how she would do. Add in the fact she completed a handful of spelling and language activities for the morning and she was stressed! Apparently she asked Superwoman to give her the ones she was struggling with first so she wouldn't forget them. She did give her one first, but she mixed the rest in there according to Emmie. We still have to work on the "b" and "d" reversals. I'll certainly add it to our list. And on top of her busy day, she also won the Pizza with the Principal drawing! So Wednesday she will have pizza with her school principal in her office along with a handful of other winners :) Lucky duck!

So I have come to the conclusion that I may know what I'm doing here! Maybe I have figured out, with the help of so many other wonderful people, what will work and what IS working for Emmie. The only problem I am running into is getting others to understand what it is she needs. But, the multi-sensory activities have required extra prep work and brain storming on my part..but obviously it's worth it..she's successful! So, I'm not as clueless as I thought I was. Although I am always looking for new ways to teach ears are open for your suggestions, comments, and questions :)

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  1. donna that is FANTASTIC GO EMMIE GO GIRL thats wonderful news i always knew you would find a way to help your very special daughter(and i mean that in a good way) i cant wait to read more of her adventures and hope things go better for YOU get some rest if ya can sweetie hugs to all and a great big YEA for emmie