Monday, September 21, 2009 to bed

Today was a good day. And I'm not being sarcastic. I woke up at 5:15 and heading out the door for a run. I usually run at night, but with Doug going back to work soon I figured I would get use to early morning runs instead of late night ones. The weather was perfect! No one was out running or walking and really I expected a person or two to straggle on by. I was home and showered before it was time to wake the kids up. I love being early :)

I spent the morning with Mrs. Buck's class. Seriously, I don't know where she hides her wings because she is certainly an Angel!! Her class has some of the most amazing little pumpkins and although they do have some disabilities, these little ones never fail to make me laugh or teach me something! I now know why Emmie enjoys going in there so much :)

Emmie had a good day. Nothing unusual at school and her homework went by like a charm. Today was the dreaded spelling triangles. She doesn't like writing spelling words and the triangle just makes her mad! But, she did them without compliant. The homework didn't come with a cover sheet, so I'm not sure what is due tomorrow, so we also completed an addition page that was attached. Although, I have a feeling that isn't due until Wednesday. A quick practice with addition and subtraction facts! I found the neatest addition/subtraction helpers at the Dollar Tree the other day! She loved them :) We finished "Spelling Spencer", the spelling puppet. He was fun to make and I already have ideas for the next puppet friend! I used the Crayola website to download a puppet template and Emmie painted him with Crayola kids paint. I then cut him out, wrote spelling words as his "bones" and laminated him! A few holes, string, and craft sticks..and we have a puppet ladies and gentleman! And finally, because she LOVES to use a dry erase board, I gave her a quick spelling test with the board. She loves to write words, any words on there and erase them. She did pretty well and Superwoman said she did a great job on the pre-test in her class today! We also read a book and I have to say Emmie impressed me! She read the first 21 pages out loud by herself..with only moderate corrections!!! Houston-problem is being resolved! I know she will always live with her CAPD. I know some times will not change and I only expect her to do HER best. But by golly, we are making progress!!!

Not sure yet what tomorrow holds for homework. I really haven't decided yet. I think it's because I'm exhausted from getting up so early! Something tells me maybe we'll type words on the computer, different fonts/sizes/colors? Maybe even spell our words in sign language? In sand? Make some gak? Who knows! But whatever we do, we'll have a blast..and who knows, we may even learn to spell a word or two :)

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