Monday, August 31, 2009

Miserable Monday

Do you know how much I dislike Monday's? I think I have probably mentioned it a time or two. Today wasn't any different, alarm, kids, breakfast, pack lunches, remind them to brush their teeth and hair for the third time, drop them off at school, run, shower, work, home, homework, homework, and more homework! I lead a boring life and I love it!

Carrington only had a short math page and Jensen had the typical pile of 4th grade homework! Emmie had more spelling. Although, I have to admit, I am confused on her homework. Remember, Emmie has a "team" of people that offer support including her Resource Specialist "Superwoman" and two classroom teachers. Today, I received her usual homework package complete with 15 spelling words. However, once home, she emptied her backpack and there was a spelling workbook with a note from Superwoman saying this is the book her spelling will come from. So, somehow, I ended up with two spelling list and spelling homework? I'm baffled! Of course I'll clarify tomorrow on which list we will be using, but for tonight we used the classroom spelling list. She wrote the words 5 times each. I added a word search that I created using one of the websites I linked before. She had fun finding the words and it really helps her learn to spell them as she searches for each letter. I also created two sets of spelling flashcards so we could play a spelling memory/match game. She beat me by ONE match!! She also re-read a story from the reading text and began the subtraction flashcards. The note from the teacher said they will be adding multiplication in September/October. Yikes! I'm not ready for that one yet! She didn't seem to become tired during the homework session and of course there were built in breaks between activities. Whew! One day down, four more to go!!!

Oh, and I have news!!! She received her Friday spelling test back today and guess what? She did great! She only missed five words!!! Can you believe it? We are very proud of her :)

The start of the week is exhausting..more later :)

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