Monday, August 10, 2009


"What did you say?", this seemed to be the theme for today. Emmie asked me what day is it, for some reason she is always concerned about what day it is and if it is Thursday or Friday or if we what she will wear three days from now. So, this morning was no different than any other. "What's today?", she said before I could even get out of bed. I responded with a very groggy, "It's Monday, Emmie." And our conversation went as it typically does. "Sunday?" "No Emmie, it's Monday". Then comes the "What did you say?". Mind you, she is standing right in front of me but she just can't seem to process what I said. This happens all to often I can predict exactly how the conversation will go and nearly always what day she will think I said. It happened later in the day as I asked her to feed the cat. About three seconds after I asked her to feed the cat, her and Jensen were arguing over who was going to get him water. Emmie argued that I said she was to get him water. "Emmie, I asked you to feed the cat but thank you for getting him water". She looked at me with a bit of confusion, "Oh..I didn't hear you.". Okay, got it. No big deal. Jensen went on about his business, he's use to having a little annoying sister after all :)

There is a program I have been looking into. It's called "Boardmaker" and it's made by the Mayer-Johnson company. They have a few different versions, but I have been looking at the Boardmaker v.6 program. Their website says, "Boardmaker v.6 software is widely regarded as the essential tool for adapting symbol-based printed activities for students with special needs. A symbol database combined with an easy-to-use drawing program, Boardmaker features more than 4,500 Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) in 44 languages, all in both color and black-and-white." There are several things about the Boardmaker program that I think would benefit Emmie. First, it would allow me to make visual schedules for her so she would know it's Monday and what to expect at different times during the day. She doesn't adapt to change well and being prepared for the day would benefit her. With the picture system, I would be able to create educational and living schedules for her. For example, when we work on her summertime work here, I use a "learning card" that I made for her. She uses the visual card to reinforce that she is to "listen, repeat, and say" the words I give her. Boardmaker would allow me to expand this throughout her day to day activities at home and at school, including picture directions for brushing her teeth and getting ready for school. I would also be able to create picture stories for her to follow along with classroom work. During class, if there is a book on tape or a reading activity, Emmie struggles to follow along. She suffers from an "auditory overload" and basically tunes it out and finds something to keep her occupied thus missing the assignment and story. Being able to create a picture story will allow her to follow along using both her auditory and visual skills. It also allows you to drag and drop images and create your own personalized picture cards, so the possibilities for learning are endless. There are only a FEW things this wonderful program could do to help Emmie. The problem is this program cost $329! Granted, it's a wonderful program but far from our budget. But, I have mentioned the program in another post, so I wanted you to be familiar with it in case I mention it again...and I'm sure I will.

Again before I tucked her into bed, she always asks "What's tomorrow". "Tomorrow is Tuesday." And, right on cue comes the, "Oh, I thought today was Tuesday". "No, Emmie, today was Monday". "Well, I asked you this morning and you said Tuesday". "I said it was Monday, but that's okay, you didn't miss anything".

See you tomorrow folks...yeah..on Tuesday!

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