Thursday, August 20, 2009

May I use the restroom?

It's the first day of school! It's the first day of school! Ahh, visions of Nemo are running through my head! If you haven't figured it out, today was the first day of third grade! Emmie was the second one up this morning, Jensen always wakes up with the sun! She was quickly dressed in her new outfit and ready for school. We arrived at school early to a mound of chaos! This year, because of base leaderships wonderful (and I use that term loosely) idea to restructure the schools, we had about 400 new students! Of course with 400 new students on the first day come new parents who have no idea where to go! It was crazy! But Emmie found her line and both her teachers were outside introducing themselves to the students. I was very happy to see both outside taking this opportunity to speak with parents and shake the kids hands. It is certainly a major stress relief and really helps the kids start the day comfortably. I saw Emmie again, briefly, at lunchtime. She seemed to be having a good day, although I didn't have time to talk to her. See, I work in the lunchroom and remember those 400 new students...yeah, they all have to eat lunch! After school, Emmie came out and didn't quite look like her usual bouncy self. I asked her about her day and she said she was tired. Apparently the teachers talked a lot, according to her, and she was tired. I am sure they did talk a lot, explaining the rules and what to expect this year. I think it was just too much for her, but that's okay. I think she handled it well, at least I hope she did in the classroom. After asking her questions about the day, like did you have to do any writing, did you do math today, etc. I found out why she wasn't acting like herself. She was worried. According to Emmie, the teachers told them they were not allowed to go to the bathroom and if they did they would be put on the wall (which means they sit on the wall and lose recess). OF COURSE, I do not believe it was actually said that way. However, this is what Emmie heard and processed. I told her we would talk to her teacher. I figured it was something like my son's teacher last year...because the kids have plenty of time to use the restroom during recess, she encouraged them to use their time wisely and use the restroom before they came into the classroom. They were also given little sticks they had to turn in if they wanted to use the restroom during class, if you had sticks at the end of the week, there was a prize because you used your time wisely. I have a feeling that is where Emmie's teacher was going with this...teaching them to use their time wisely. Obviously, everyone has an emergency. But it shouldn't be every day when you walk back into the classroom from recess when you had plenty of time to go before. Anyway, so I sent Emmie in to make sure the students had left the classroom and the teacher didn't have a parent in there. Emmie couldn't see anyone, so I waited a minute for my other two kids to get out of school then headed in there. When I went in, there was one parent in there..but not a parent from her class. Apparently this parent has worked with this teacher for years..I know her, so I just sat on the edge of a desk and thought I would wait for her to finish gathering her projects to complete. Then, another parent walked in the door. This second parent also does not have a child in the classroom and tends to be a parent who gossips and finds out all she can about your kid so she can compare them to her kid. She also sported copies she was making. I admit I was frustrated and probably overreacted, but I left. Sorry, but I had the thought of "focus on your own kids classroom" running through my head!! After arriving home, we found out more about the kids days at school. Carrington and Jensen seemed to have a nice day and for that I am very grateful! I only got bits and pieces of Emmie's day and frankly I don't know how much of it she "got". I do know they talked about science and writing your name in a book if you don't follow rules. But the one that sticks out in her mind and that is bothering her is the whole restroom thing. I tried to explain to her, to the best of my ability, what I "think" the teacher meant. But, there were tears right before bed because she was worried she would have to use the restroom and would lose her recess because of it. UGH! I think I was finally able to convince her that she could use the restroom if she had too, but make good choices and try to use it at recess. Again, I absolutely do not think that is what the teacher said or meant. But it's hard when that is what she processed. I would have liked to know what was said and how it went wrong for Emmie. That's another part of CAPD that is like a puzzle to me. What goes wrong, when does it go wrong, and how did it go wrong? Sometimes I wish I had all the answers.

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  1. Hugs for Emmie! It breaks my heart when a child misses something vital and ends up fearful. It could have all been cleared up easily, too, if people would just respect boundaries! Perhaps it's time to draw those lines.