Saturday, August 15, 2009

Man, it's HOT!

Our air conditioning isn't working and hasn't since Thursday, however the housing maintenance folks claim it has to be over 90 degrees in my house for it to be an emergency. We are all miserable, so that is why I didn't post yesterday and why it's so late today!

This is our last weekend before school starts and I'm feeling more and more overwhelmed. I am so nervous and excited about the first day of school. My children's principal has done her best to place the kids where all the parents requested and I can not thank her enough for her tireless efforts. I now know where Emmie will be placed. She will be with a team of two teachers. One teacher I adore and I'm very excited to have this year. I have admired her for years and I think her gentle nature, her patient spirit, and her love of art is just what Emmie needs. I have to admit I'm nervous about the other teacher. I have heard wonderful things about her but it's the feeling of "unknown" that makes me uneasy. I also worry about the stability and how it will affect Emmie to have two teachers. But, I'm going to have faith and play it by ear. I'm not one of those irate parents, so if there are issues, I know we will be able to work through them. However, I don't see there being any! Positive thoughts!!

I have been chatting with Emmie's Speech teacher through email. She is also gearing up for the students she will see during this year. She mentioned she has been taking a class on teaching children to read. I am so excited to hear all about what she has learned! Emmie loves her and her Resource Super team. I know without a doubt that she would not be where she is today without these wonderful ladies! I look forward to another year with them on her side!

Sorry folks, I know this is a short one. We're miserable in this heat!! More coming..promise :)

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  1. I'm so glad Emmie was placed where she was. I love her teacher :)