Monday, August 3, 2009

Not again.

Last week, I mentioned we went to the doctor in the hopes of receiving a referral for Speech and Language services to help supplement what she receives at school. Today, I got an email that our referral was processed. I was excited and quickly logged into our insurance website to read the referral. And guess what? They screwed it up! Big surprise huh? The insurance approved one evaluation and 50 visits to The Listening Center for "speech and hearing services". The Listening Center does not provide speech and language pathology, instead they provide the program called "Tomatis". Long story short, the Tomatis program is a listening program where students wear earphones and listen to music at different pitches in order to help retrain their processors. I have read wonderful things about this program and am even considering it for Emmie. Dr. Swain of The Listening Center was the wonderful lady who preformed Emmie's first evaluation. However, again this wasn't what I asked for from the doctor. So, I load the kids in the van and head to the Tri-Care office at the hospital with the printed referral. The customer service rep took my id card and referral and said she would have to speak with the Nurse. Fine, speak with who ever, I'll wait. Ten minutes later the Nurse arrives at the desk. She explains there has been a problem. Seriously? DUH! Apparently there were actually two referrals placed in the system. Two? "Yes, but one is still under review", she explains. One referral was for The Listening Center and the other referral, which is under review from the Medical Director of Tri-Care, is for a sleep study. What? Sleep study? Where in the WORLD did that come from? The nurse had no idea and chalked it up to a "clerical error". It seems there are a lot of those going around. I explained to her that The Listening Center does not provide speech therapy services and she hands me a blue sticky note with her phone number. She says she will take care of it and I'm suppose to call her on Wednesday for an update. So here we are, clerical error? Nice.

Besides that, the day was okay for Emmie. There were a number times where she misheard me, like I asked her to bring me the "Sprite" bottle and she brought me a spray bottle. Or when we were in the car and she was singing along to a country radio station and she wanted to know why they were saying "beer" when actually they were saying "dear". I guess I'll chalk her day up to a "clerical error". It is certainly frustrating. I just want what's best for my daughter. Why in the world is that so hard? Maybe the world has auditory processing disorder and Emmie's the only one that doesn't!

Praying someone, somewhere, will understand soon. I'm running out of hope!

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