Thursday, August 6, 2009

A dream

I read the most wonderful quote today. I collect quotes and poems in an old golden journal. Some of them are from my childhood and throughout high school. Some are related to the military or to my southern roots. I find comfort in the words of others. But today, I read a quote that really made me stop and think. It went like this:

"Tell me, I forget. Show me, I remember. Involve me, I understand."

EXACTLY! It was typed in a small black frame with a beautiful painted flower. It said it was a Chinese proverb. That was the perfect quote for our life with Emmie. If we tell her, she forgets it within seconds. If we show her, often she'll remember but not always all or in the order or way she was shown. But if we involve her, she understands which then leads to her remembering and progressing! What a beautiful concept!

We had an appointment this morning with the Director from the West Coast Cued Speech Program in Vacaville. Her name is Joan and she was the nicest lady! The kids loved her! All three kept commenting on how nice she was and how fun her office is. I had read about Cued Speech online but wanted to learn more about the program and if it would benefit Emmie. She came in on her day off to meet with me and encourage me to bring the other two kids. Cued Speech is a simple sound based system, which, uses eight hand shapes for consonant groups cued at four locations for the vowel groups. According to her therapy model, the auditory processing therapy is a multi-sensory approach for increasing auditory memory. Multi-Sensory is MY favorite type of learning because it incorporates visual cues, tactile information, motor planning experiences, and imagery. They have four "centers" they use for therapy. The first is a work center, where the child sits at a desk and does "teacher directed" school work. Next they move to the themed area, this month was Ocean Life, with mounds of ocean beanie babies and information next to her chair. Third is an activity of sorts, a board game, a puzzle, something that gets everyone in the floor and communicating. After all, we all learn and are engaged when learning is fun! And finally, they end with story time. She also encourages "whole family" involvement, including parents and siblings. The cost isn't bad, but to be honest, as an enlisted family I'm not sure we can afford it. After all, we are receiving zero support from our insurance company.

Today I was told by our insurance company they needed additional information but she couldn't confirm what information was needed. So I figured tomorrow I would deliver a copy of Emmie's IEP and report from The Listening Center to them, that way they have no excuses. The Tri-Care lady also informed me that the referral for speech therapy would "probably" be canceled since Emmie receives speech at school. Does the Tri-Care office have a processing issue? Seriously? I understand Emmie receives speech at school, as well as Resource support. However, she is getting pulled from class for this time. I would like her to be in a private, after school program, which can include more one-on-one instruction and possibly introduce other programs such as the Lindamood-Bell. Do people nowadays just not want the best for their kids? I feel like I'm some outcast walking into the Tri-Care office. Like how dare I care about what happens to my child! How dare I want MORE for her? How dare I use our insurance!

Why can't I find a wonderful speech therapist, who will work after school, on a very reasonable payment plan? Ahhhh, a girl can dream!!

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  1. i find this entire situation appaling, why can't they get off their bums and see that your child has some issues and needs help i wish i could do something to help you and emmie am keeping you in my prayers hugs vicki