Friday, August 7, 2009

Dance your night away

Another letter from Tri-Care came in the mail today. The subject was "Factual denial with appeal rights". What? The letter, in short, states that our request for speech therapy was denied. Big surprise?!? I think not. Apparently the Tri-care Policy Manual Chapter 1, section 1.1 indicates "that services and supplies paid for, or eligible for payment, directly or indirectly by a local, state, or Federal Government, except as provided under Tri-Care, or by government hospitals serving the general public, or medical care provided by a Uniformed Service medical facility, or benefits provided under title XIX of the Social Security Act are specifically excluded from Tri-Care coverage." Please don't ask me to explain what that means. I hate to admit, I have no clue! I am reading it as if Emmie receives speech at school then Tri-Care will not support any additional speech program. But how do they make that determination? Nowhere in the letter is her auditory processing addressed. All students receive an eye and hearing exam at school but yet Tri-Care still covers one a year. All students also receive a quick little dental exam during dental week at school, but Tri-Care still covers one a year. Apparently with the medical care in this country helping our children, who happen to be the FUTURE of this country, isn't a top priority. Heaven forbid our insurance company contribute positively to the future of this country.

I am just so done. There isn't another way to explain it. The whole insurance thing has left me so bitter and frankly just plain pissed. So, do we appeal and go through more frustrations? Or do I just try to get a second job to help pay for her additional services because the military pay sure isn't going to cut it.

Anyway, okay I'm finished complaining at least for tonight. Today with Emmie was frustrating. I think because it's summertime and she is tired of being around mom! Let's face it, with Dad gone since March, I'm all they have here and we are all tired of each other! She was able to use her creativeness today. During her art therapy session, we decided to get out the oil pastels, which isn't something we use often and it tends to be a real treat for her. She created a beautiful ocean scene complete with fish and Spongebob. Yes, Spongebob lives in the ocean folks. Of course her need for tactile stimulation didn't stop there! She quickly washer her hands, rolled up her sleeves, and rolled cake balls out with me. We had a little misinterpreting, but for the most part it went well. The kids seemed to fight more today than EVER. Which I attribute to the fact we all need a break from each other.

But, the perfect end to the night is Emmie getting out of the bathtub and putting on her pj's. Which consisted of a pink and green satin night shirt that belonged to a dear friend named Becky. Mrs. Becky passed away last October, but she is with us everyday of our lives. Emmie was especially attached to Mrs. Becky and finds so much comfort in dancing around the living room in "Mrs. Becky's fancy dress", as this particular night shirt is named. So, I'll sit here for awhile and watch her dance with the spirit of Becky running through her. Trust me, friends, I certainly need a spirit lift these days!


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  1. Donna you are too sweet! Chad and I had a great time yesterday at Fenton's and I am glad Emmie enjoyed our company too! Your kids are so well mannered it makes it easy to spend time with them. We look forward to seeing you guys again soon! ~ Vanessa & Chad