Thursday, August 27, 2009

Spelling sucks

Tonight's post will be short because DADDY'S COMING HOME!! YAY! We are rushing to get ready to leave for the airport. I am very glad my husband is finally coming home. But the timing sucks! Why is it they schedule these planes on school nights and after the kids should already be in the bed? Anyway, luckily they will be bathed and in pj's when we head to the airport. No missing school tomorrow!!!

Tonight's spelling homework was a practice test. Emmie sat at the table and I read the words out loud, along with a short sentence. She repeated the word each time and wrote her answer. Test #1 didn't go so well. She missed 14 out of 18 words. We studied for a bit more then took another test. Test #2 was a little better and she missed 11 out of 18 words. I wasn't upset, or surprised. You see, the first few days of spelling homework we completed just as the teacher had requested. We wrote sentences containing one spelling word and at least 6 words long. We created triangles with our spelling words. Last night we actually used multi-sensory activities. Had we used them earlier in the week, maybe she would have scored higher. I am going to have to talk to the teacher again and try to work out different homework activities. I don't want to modify her spelling list, but I do want to change the work. We will complete spelling activities and turn them in, but they will be more "hands on" so it triggers visual and auditory systems. It is so frustrating because I know she worked SO hard.

We'll see how next week goes. I am trying to keep an open mind and keep telling myself this is our first full week of school and we are still all learning. Next week will be better...I don't really want to home school!!!

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