Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Just Tuesday

Today I received a phone call from the Pediatric Clinic. The lady explained that the referral had been on her desk since last week and she wasn't sure why it hadn't been processed. She told me the Tri Care office needed a copy of her IEP. Seriously? I explained to her that I went to the Tri Care office yesterday and what was said. If all they needed was her IEP, why not just ask me while I was sitting at their desk? Or better yet, get off your butt and get her actual medical record! That's a concept! The medical record which holds everything they can put on paper about my child, including her IEP and report from Dr. Swain. I really can not understand why these people don't communicate with one another. We left the phone call with a "I'll call you back when I hear something". Whatever.

We have a little over two weeks until school starts and I have started putting together a letter for Emmie's teacher. I want the teacher to be prepared to support Emmie and aware of her needs. I am really not sure what the teachers receive prior to the first day of school and I don't want there to be any miscommunication or no communication about Emmie. This has been a hard letter to write. I want it to reflect the areas of concern, strategies and ways to help her in the classroom, as well as her strengths and the areas she particularly excels in. I don't want the teacher to feel like I'm telling him/her how to run their classroom, but I also know Emmie is going to need certain things in the classroom. She will need to sit close to the teacher/speaker, little to no background noise, not seated looking at a window or near the door, no busy wall displays to minimize visual distractions, the use of a planner, to receive all important information in written form, pre-taught certain concepts, etc. Finding a way to tell the teacher everything I want to tell her/him, without overwhelming them or offending them, is HARD! I guess I'll figure it out, but if you have any ideas on how to present this information, please share!

Emmie had a good day today. Although lately I have noticed an increase in her inability to discriminate certain sounds. From time to time, there has always been a problem in this area, but here lately it is more noticeable. It happened three times today, where a word was misinterpreted for something different. Also, I noticed today was a few more of the "huh?" than usual. But this I have noticed comes when she is tired, after a long day or after a lot of reading or schoolwork. She goes into auditory overload and the huh's are plugged in. She is getting enough sleep, often 10 plus hours. I am wondering if we need to have quiet time during the day for her to rest. When Carrington and Jensen got too old for naps, we would have "quiet time" while Emmie napped. They would go into their rooms, or find a comfy spot on the couch and would just relax listening to music, reading a book, or coloring. Something quiet for 20 minutes or so. I guess I'll have to keep my eye out on her over the next few days and see if quiet time will benefit her.

More tomorrow folks!

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