Thursday, August 13, 2009

That crazy bear

Tonight was chapter 2 of "Little Bear" titled Birthday Soup. So, while I love children's literature, why is it they have to put illustrations on every page telling what the story is about? Okay, so I understand why they do it..but come on, they're killing me! You see, if you watch Emmie read, her eyes aren't always on the words while she's reading a sentence. If she starts to fumble with a word or two her eyes wonder right to the illustration. Then, instead of going back to the words she tries to figure out, quickly, what is happening and makes up the story based on the drawing on the page. For example, in this chapter Little Bear can't find his mother and it's his birthday. So, he decides to make a birthday soup for his friends, who are coming over. In one picture it shows Cat handing Little Bear an apple, while Little Bear is standing by the black pot that holds the soup. So, Emmie reads the line where the Cat tells Little Bear Happy Birthday perfectly. But in the next line the Cat is asking Little Bear if he can really cook...this is where the fumbling comes along and instead Emmie's story adds in Cat hands Little Bear an apple for his Birthday Soup. Of course the Cat was handing him an apple, but not for his soup, for his birthday! I totally get the need for illustrations, but sometimes they can be frustrating!

So, we finish the chapter and of course follow on to the comprehension questions. I asked her a few random ones about last night's chapter and she tells me the correct answers. That bear still has his fur coat and she even explains to me why she doesn't have a "fur coat". Apparently she just has "fuzzy, regular skin". Nice. I have a fuzzy child. Anyway, I asked her what Little Bear put in his soup. As it was mentioned twice in the chapter the four ingredients that he added. She was only able to tell me two plus the apple, which I had already corrected when she was fumbling over the words. Also, I asked her who attended Little Bear's birthday as he had three friends over. Attending the party were Hen, Duck, and Cat. However, because of the illustrations and the fact she really didn't remember words her answer was the Cat and a Goose. The Duck really did look like a Goose in the story, I'll give her that. But she couldn't remember reading the Duck was there. It's a work in progress!

I also had a very generous offer from a friend to purchase the Boardmaker program. I appreciate the generosity so much, but I'm secretly hoping this amazing person takes that money and treats himself to a weekend getaway or something fun to celebrate him! We'll see, he's pretty stubborn and has a tendency not to listen!! But we love him! :)

Take Care folks! It's going to be a busy weekend since it's the last one before school starts! YIKES! So much to do, so little time!!

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