Saturday, August 22, 2009

M&M, yummy!

Have you ever been frustrated and everything that crosses your path just makes you even more frustrated? That's where I am right now. I am so frustrated with school, but yet I keep telling myself that we have only had two days and to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I am so frustrated with my husband being gone, but yet I keep telling myself he will finally be home this week. I am so frustrated with the lack of resources for my daughter, but yet I keep telling myself that she will succeed and I will walk on water to make it happen. I'm just frustrated!

Everyday after school, I have a pretty in depth conversations with the kids on their school day. I try my best not to ask yes/no questions and to get them plugged in and talking! So, Friday was no different as I asked Emmie about her day at school. She told me over and over they have completed no reading assignments. On the day I met her teacher, she gave me a book that the students would be reading out of and I requested to be told if they did read from it so I could re-read it with Emmie that evening. "Nope, mom, no reading yet." Tonight, while asking her a random question about crayon colors and how macaroni and cheese crayons weren't around when I was little, she proceeds to tell me they have been reading a book in class. WHAT? A book? She describes the cover and I quickly realize it's the same book the teacher handed me. I had no idea they had started their readings yet! I asked her what story and she flipped through the book and found it. She read the title out loud and I asked her to tell me what the story was about. She turned a few pages and came to a picture. She described the picture. That's it. That is when the story ended. She could tell me nothing more of it, but what was happening in the picture. Now, if I would have known about this story we could have read it Friday and today, then again tomorrow and possibly Monday morning. This is her first classroom story and repetition works for her! I am frustrated with this situation, but on the other hand I am trying my best to let it roll off my back and chalk it up to "it was only the first two days of school, we are adjusting".

I am then told by a former mom of this class that she is preparing a project in that class. I make a comment like, "does the teacher know she has parents willing to help". Her response was basically she is particular on who helps her, this former parent does all her copies and prep work, and she doesn't know if other parents or helpers will be in the room because this parent doesn't interrupt her while teaching like some in the past. am I suppose to take that? I have volunteered in every one of my kids classrooms since kindergarten and find this very offensive. Just because parents in the past have caused troubles, doesn't mean we are all alike! I am frustrated because I feel like we aren't given a fair chance, but then again this is what this parent said, is it really how the teacher feels?

On a positive note, they did complete a Science project in the classroom. Emmie came home yesterday head over heels in love with this project. Of course, we had to purchase the materials to try this project at home today! We spent a whopping $0.69 on a package of M&M candies for this project! After dinner and bath, Emmie took the reins and presented "Science 101" to us. She took a small glass bowl, filled it halfway with water. Then very carefully placed four M&M candies in the bowl, M side up. Of course, I think she ate a few too, but that's all in the name of research, right? She directed us to watch closely! We watched in amazement as the candy colored coating melted away, leaving the bottom portion of the water mirroring a rainbow. Keep watching, she proclaimed! Slowly, each of the M designs came apart from the candy and floated to the top. Carrington and Jensen thought that was the neatest thing! After all, what is that M made of? I can not tell you how wonderful it was to see Emmie in "action" and so confident. The fact she was able to come home and repeat the steps was wonderful. This was tactile, something she could touch, something she could be involved in..that is why she succeeded. She is a "show what I know" kid and she rocked this project demo :) It was a great way to end the night.

Now, if I could only find a way to make spelling and reading tactile and multi-sensory enough to where she "gets it". I am frustrated, but we are trying!

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