Thursday, October 1, 2009

A break

Today was a day full of memories, sadness, laughter, and the sobering thought that life is too short. One year ago today we lost a dear friend as her battle with brain cancer came to an end. She fought a brave fight and if you knew her, you know she was one stubborn ol' peach! It doesn't feel like a year has passed because to this day she is still so much of a part of our lives. It's hard to explain but it feels like yesterday she was sneaking chocolate kisses to my kids when I wasn't looking or giving our custodian hell on the radio at work. She was one of those people you meet and from that first hello, your life is changed. :) We love her.

Since today was a hard day, we didn't do much homework. I usually require Emmie to do more than the typical 3rd grade homework. But, for once, I have to admit I didn't push her. I did the standard spelling pre-test with her, finished reading "Houndsley and Catina" (which by the way was the most adorable story! I can't wait to find book two!), and that was it. No math practice, no activity..just took a break. I think we all needed it. I took some time for myself and went shopping. I had nothing in mind, just thinking of my dear friend it seemed like a shopping trip was the perfect way to end the day (of course if she were here it would have been a margarita after the shopping trip!). It was so nice to get out of the house and away from everyone. I just needed time.

I hope you each take a moment to tell the ones you love how important they are..even when you think they already know it. Trust me, life speeds by.

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