Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Here's the turkey! Emmalyn had to decorate this turkey anyway she wanted. So, she decided on egg shells. The day the project came home she made a shopping list! She chose each color paint she needed, along with Modge Podge, and we headed to Michaels. With the help of tons of friends who saved their eggshells (THANK YOU!!), we started on this wonderful project. She painted the egg shells the colors she wanted, then painted the turkey's body black so the eggs would stand out. The turkey's egg shell body is brown and she also used some black and tan. She painted the feathers green, purple, orange, yellow, red, and blue. Of course he needed yellow feet and a yellow beak! His gobbler is red and he has a green and black eye. Each shell was painted and left overnight to dry. After the shell was dry, she used a small bowl to crack large pieces of the shell into. She used a brush to spread a little Modge Podge (that stuff dries FAST!) then placed the large shells she broke onto the Modge Podge. She used her fingers to "smash" the shell after it was in the Modge Podge. This was done a million times (okay, not really, but she felt like it!). Then, one layer of Modge Podge was put over Mr. Turkey to seal his shells! This photo does NOT do him justice..he is the neatest Turkey! I am very proud of her creativity!
She has had a long wasn't a good day for her :( So, I'm off to bed to recover from the afternoon. Busy weekend ahead as little ghosts and goblins will arrive!!

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