Sunday, October 25, 2009

Two steps

I have so much to say but not sure where to begin. First, my brain is officially drained thanks to Philosophy! This course, although very interesting, is kicking my butt! I am starting to wish I could drop out of college and get a job, but I know I would feel guilty because I really WANT to finish college. I think I'm starting to doubt my path in life.

I am frustrated at the world. People. I am frustrated at people. Our local Borders bookstore had a Halloween event on Saturday for children. Of course Emmalyn wanted to go and she was very excited about it! The other two could have done without it, but went anyway and spent the time surfing books. Emmalyn isn't your typical 8 year old. She still enjoys doing the things the "little" kids do. I was so disappointed at the event at Borders. First, Borders is known not to have a great special education selection and I have complained many times. Second, this event was the most unorganized! There were a wide range of age groups represented but Emmalyn kept getting put in the "big kid" category. So the activities she would have enjoyed, she missed out because she was a "big kid". The two hosts were delightful women who seemed to have zero patience for a large group of children and spoke too fast for Emmalyn to follow along. The entire time was spent with me explaining what these women had to say to Emmalyn. I think if you are going to host an event like this you should require RSVP's so you can be prepared for the number of children and their ages. I also think you should ask on this RSVP form if your child has a special need or may require extra "help". As much as I think people understand children with special needs, I am thrown two feet backwards after something like this. I want to make some invisible tag on Emmie that says "speak slowly please!" or "I know I'm 8 years old, but please don't treat me like an adult..I like to play and have fun too." Frustrated.

On another note, Emmalyn's spelling tests are continuing to improve. Last week she missed two, this week she made a 100% again. I'm struggling with these tests though. If Emmalyn is able to study just before the test, or even the morning of the test, she does fine. Why? Because she memorizes the words. She says them over and over until they are embedded in her working memory. She isn't making the 100% because she actually KNOWS the word and it's spelling. So many people can't understand that. Some think 100% is a 100% no matter how you get it, but I don't. The ability to know and understand the word is far more important than just knowing how to spell it. Two steps forward, three steps back...

I am so proud of Emmalyn's ability to be creative. The third graders had to complete a huge turkey project this week. The teacher sent home a paper turkey and the students were to decorate it with anything (with the exception of anything sugary and sweet-we have ants!). Emmalyn created an egg shell mosaic on her turkey! I don't want to give too many details (photo and details will be posted tomorrow) until you see it! I admire her ability to see colors and to see the world the way she does.

Until tomorrow...Gobble Gobble

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