Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Slow as a snail

So, it was merely days ago I mentioned that I suck, right? I know. I don't feel like I have time for anything these days. It feels like the days and nights blend together and the month is speeding by without me noticing.

My husband's shift work is killing our family time. I love my family dinners, but with him getting home after 7 pm, dinner is usually on a foil covered plate in the microwave for him. I miss sitting down together at the table, of course me and the kids still do that but it's not the same, and talking about our day. We go through each kids day at school, interesting thing that happened, what they learned, etc. I do not like shift work!

The kids are okay. Carrington will be starting her Honor Band practice tomorrow at the middle school. Even though she isn't IN middle school, I'm a little freaked out that she is even going there for a practice! Yikes! With time going as fast as it is, she'll be graduating before I wink! Jensen is fine. Trying his best to stop talking in class, which is odd that he is the one getting in trouble for talking because he is the quite one. Emmie, ahh, Emmie. Academically, we are still on track. We are still working hard to get her spelling words down and her reading at grade level. Something we do have to work on is getting her to SLLLOOOWWW down. She probably knows the material she is working on, in fact, I would be willing to bet she knows the math worksheets in class. However, because of her CAPD, she doesn't want anyone to know she is different really. Not different than the other kids in the class. She wants to be finished first. She wants the teacher to be proud of her and to her, finishing first means the teacher is proud and she is "smart". But, by her rushing through her work she is also missing half the page! It's a cycle, folks.

On another note, she is working on an awesome art project that I can't wait to share. In third grade they complete a turkey. It's a pretty good size paper turkey and they are to decorate it however they choose, with whatever their choose (except sugary items because of ants). Emmie came up with the idea on how to decorate her turkey and I think it is going to look GREAT!!!! I'll share photos when it's done!

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