Friday, October 2, 2009

Spelling Smelling

I just realized it was 10 pm! I have been working on this huge paper for my Philosophy class and lost track of time completely! I usually stay up pretty late, but tomorrow is a long run day so I'll be up again at 5:30 am with the hopes of at least 5 miles (although I'm secretly hoping for 6!).

Today was Spelling test day! This morning when we reviewed her words, she was struggling with two words. I really thought she would miss "clowns", for some reason she keeps forgetting the n and adding an e! So, she went to the Superwoman's class for her test. Superwoman told me that Emmie tried to get her to start with the word clowns, but she said no :) Oh, Rats! Well, I am VERY happy to tell you that Emmie made 100% on her test! She still struggled with a word or two, but Superwoman told her that a good way to figure it out is to write the word the two ways you think it's spelled and see if it looks right. YAY!!! I am not exactly sure what is working, but I'm not complaining! I wholeheartedly believe the extra multi-sensory work we have been doing at home contributes to her ability to remember the spelling of the words.

We have a busy weekend! Tomorrow is the Sacramento Duck Race benefiting the Special Olympics. I have been selling ducks and can't wait to see all of them dumped into the Sacramento River for their race! We will be in Sacramento all day tomorrow and Doug goes back to work on Sunday. YUCK! I do not like shift work!!

Enjoy the weekend friends, I'm off to bed!

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