Wednesday, October 14, 2009

She did it!

Last night was the School Board meeting. I admit I didn't want to go. The weather was horrible and I just wanted to climb into my pj's with a cup of tea and do homework. But, both of my daughters were presenting at the meeting. My oldest daughter is one of two Student of the Month. Carrington helped lead the Pledge, told a little about the elementary school, and introduced students. She did a great job! Emmie has been practicing her speech all week. I had to alter it twice, not by much though. One alter was taking out the word "Academics" which was proudly pronounced "Ox-a-demics" each time she read it.

As Emmie sat in her seat she was very confident. Until about two minutes before 7 pm when the School Board walked in! Emmie knows the School Board President and when she walked in the door, her nerves got the best of her! She said she didn't want to speak, she didn't want to do it. But, once Carrington got up there to talk she seemed fine. When it was her turn to speak, my heart was in my throat. Here is a child who couldn't read or remember her first grade sight words when she began second grade! It wasn't until the middle-end of second grade that she could read a basic kindergarten level 1 reader. The moment of truth...has all the work paid off? Will she stumble on words, will she forget them all together? NOPE! She did AWESOME!! There were two words she stumbled on..only TWO. But luckily Carrington was there to quickly help her. Emmie's speech was over a half of a page long. When she was finished, I had tears in my eyes and she gave me a high five! She had climbed a mountain. She had read her speech perfectly and words like "masterpieces" and "tropical paradises" rolled off her tongue like there was never a problem. This, friends, is a miracle before your own eyes!!

The kids left the meeting with Dad right after their speech. School Board meetings can get a little "nasty" so I didn't want them there. I stayed for a bit, but left before the meeting is over. Today is a new day. We nearly floated away yesterday, but the skies look a little better. Our goal now is getting Emmie to slow down when she is working in class..more on that later!

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  1. She did such an awesome job. I was proud of her!