Monday, October 5, 2009

Oh dear!

Are these weeks flying by or is it just me? It seems like time is on fast forward! Of course there is typically a day or two that will drag on, but more seem to begin and end in record time! Here we are finishing up another Monday. Oh, and Emmie's new saying..."Oh, dear". She sounds like a little old lady..oh, dear, oh, dear.

Today Emmie had a pretty good day until homework time. Spelling words this week is a list of review words from the first five weeks. I thought..hmm..this should be easy. Wrong. It is literally like she is seeing the words for the first time again. Enter the CAPD. But that's okay, we'll do what we have to do in order to ensure she knows them by Friday. So, homework was the dreaded spelling triangles. I didn't push her much today since she struggled with the words this afternoon. But, she has been wanting to read a chapter book. I think it's because most of the students in the class are reading chapter books and she wants to fit in. Really, she is barely reading Little Bear without too much prompting. However, I thought we would give it a try. She has to read them eventually. We spent some of Saturday, after the ducky race, at Borders. While I think their special education section sucks, they have a nice children's section. It was so hard to pick a book! We settled on "Cam Jansen: The Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds". I read the first chapter to her tonight and asked her a few questions which she was unable to answer. We'll re-read chapter one tomorrow night. I know she wants to read it so bad, but I just don't think we are "there" yet.

Emmie was also asked to present her classrooms art to the School Board next week. She will have to stand up in front of a crowd, read a paragraph, and show off some of their art. I have to admit I'm nervous for a few reasons. First, Emmie has to stand up there and read a paragraph! But, we'll practice all week so my nerves aren't too bad. Second and probably the biggest worry is how they will react. You see, our district is going through something right now. The teachers are wearing their strike buttons, as I have mentioned. This week they vote on "to strike or not to strike". I have heard about these School Board meetings and been witnessed to some of the behaviors that adults should NOT have at them. I'm worried for her and how the adults will behave. It's a sad, sad world when I have to worry about how an adult will behave at a school board meeting....I should be worried about the kids. Geez. I don't like California's educational system at all!!! Anyway, say a little prayer that this is resolved quickly and without anger.

Well folks, I'm off. We are down to one car, since Doug's is in shipment, so we have to get everyone up to take him to work. I run in the morning, but he has to be at work at 6:45 am. UGH!! Early morning for ALL of us!

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