Monday, April 19, 2010


I spoke too soon yesterday, although we have some news, it still isn't good news. I heard from the Case Manager today. He said he spoke to the Pediatrician and they put in a referral for speech therapy for the Aptitude Habiliation Service program with the speech therapist I have requested. However, we also have a roadblock. The Aptitude Service is not listed under our insurance company. There are two speech therapist listed under our insurance company. Tri-West has a fifty mile radius, so if there is a speech therapist within that fifty miles..that is who we will see. There are two problems with this. First, out of the two offices listed only one has experience and resources to handle CAPD. Second, the Tri-West website lists these offices as "49.99" miles away. Nice try, Tri-West. They are actually OVER sixty miles away from the base! So, I certainly don't have my hopes up on getting this referral approved. The waiting game continues....

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