Monday, December 21, 2009

Sleep anyone?

One thing I have noticed about being the mother of a special needs child is their sleep pattern. I think I have mentioned Emmie's sleep before, although my brain is sort of "holiday fuzzy" right now, so it's possible I haven't. Sometimes she sleeps a lot. I mean like she goes to be at 8 and doesn't wake up until 9 or 10 the next morning. Sometimes though, she wakes up in the middle of the night. Tonight was no different. She went to bed at 8, as usual. About 10:15, she comes in the living room where I am, complete with a Santa hat on her head. She is obviously still waking up. The glassy look in her eyes gave it away. She said, "Mom". And then continues to tell me that I don't have to worry about her, that I need to worry about her brother when he plugs that thing in the other thing. I, of course, look at her like she's nuts! I assume she is talking about the Wii remote because we had a conversation about it before she went to bed. I asked what she was talking about and she goes on and on, just mumbling. I sort of chuckled and so did she. I said, "Emmie, it's way past your bedtime." I got a simple okay and she marched back down the hall and into her bed. My wonderfully strange child!

The first year of her life she didn't sleep. Now, nearly 9 years later, her sleep patterns are still out of whack. I'm going to chalk it up to her CAPD. Maybe, in her sleep, her brain was able to fully process what was said about the Wii remote? Maybe it woke her up because at that very moment, when it clicked, she knew she could provide an answer or explanation but by the time she came in here, it was gone again. Who knows.

But, as always, she is tucked safely back in her bed until next time.

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