Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It was going to happen

Today has been a long day. Wednesdays are the days the kids get out of school at 1:05, however it always seems like this is the longest day of the week!

Emmie had a rough day. Today in school one of her friends made fun of her reading level. This little boy and Emmie have been good friends since school started this year, but lately he has been having a rough time. A small roller coaster of emotions and Emmie has tried to be patient. Apparently, he was making fun of her because she is still in the one's (her reading level is 1.9-2.9). She was upset about it but I spoke with her about mistakes and how all people make them. She seemed okay with the fact her friend made a mistake, but she isn't likely to have a warm, fuzzy feeling about him anytime soon. I knew, one day, someone would make fun of her for being "behind". Kids will be kids after all. I am thankful for how the teacher handled the situation and how Emmie handled it. I am very proud of her for not getting too upset and for understanding.

She rushed through an assignment during class today. Which is no real surprise. Getting her to slow down and take her time has been a constant struggle. One day I will find a balance for her, but right now, we'll just go over the work the second time. She did, however, do an awesome job on her homework! Today was a worksheet of subtraction-not her fave! It was subtracting three digit numbers. I heard zero complaints, no tears, and right answers! That my friends is progress at it's best!

Tomorrow I'm hoping to get some holiday shopping completed. Emmie's speech teacher is Jewish, so I'm hoping to put together little gifts for her, but I'm afraid I'm just not going to have time :( Fingers crossed though!

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