Saturday, May 21, 2011


I could write a novel over everything that has happened over the last few months. But, if I don't have time to really update here I certainly don't have time to write a novel! One day..perhaps.

Emmie has had a rough school year and sadly we have NO idea what we are going to do next year. Education in California is just plain awful. She's struggling in so many areas, but those that make the laws seem to think shoving more kids in a classroom and cutting the school year by 30 days is the answer.

We have also had two trips to the Neurologist and an EEG since I last updated. We think she's having absence seizures, although the EEG was normal. It actually wasn't a clear picture of her day because the process was so exhausting for her that she slept the next 24 hours while she was wearing it! We are currently waiting 8 months for a NeuroPsych evaluation before an MRI can be ordered. I have spent the last few months thinking over and over that she was misdiagnosed in the first place. But thanks to the awful Pediatrician we have, no one will listen.

Finally, any change in her schedule now makes her ill. For example, this morning I had to take her older sister to school at 5:45 am for a Band event. I woke her and her brother up because my husband is on night shift. We came home and the kids went back to bed. But because this was a change in her routine, she has been sleeping all day. Right now, she's curled up under a blanket with her koala pillow pet sound asleep. She woke up long enough to run to the store to purchase a birthday gift. But, she spent the time huddled inside the shopping cart.

I'm not sure what the summer is going to bring us. But, I'm pushing for the lazy Pediatrician to do more. After all, the only thing I need her to do is write a referral..she doesn't even have to talk to my child. Oh yeah, she doesn't anyway!

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