Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Invitation, no thanks

I was hoping the next time I posted we would be beginning private speech therapy. However, still NO word from Tri-Care about the approval of services. The Case Manager emailed me a few days ago to assure me he was keeping up with the case and he would call or email as soon as he heard something. Luckily, I have a solid full time job lined up for the fall because we'll have to start paying for therapy for Emmie to be successful in the 4th grade.

It's so frustrating these days having zero support. Which brings me to another problem...invitations. Em was invited to a local Vacation Bible School. I'm not letting her go for many reasons. One, I don't know the people and/or church (it was a neighborhood kid that invited her) and two, I don't like putting her in unfamiliar social situations. I know they will come up, trust me, these days the world is ONLY about social situations and how you react to them. But, right now, I can control most of her environment. Putting her in that situation could be a positive or a negative...and it's a chance I don't want to take right now. Not a few weeks before school starts! I know when the mother came down to ask if I had any questions, she probably thought I was being a pain. But, I didn't have any questions because Em isn't going to attend. It's hard for people to understand why, so I told her we had family coming into town (which we do! The Mother in Law, her boyfriend, and Doug's Grandmother is coming). But the real reason I won't let her go is the uncomfortable feeling I have about putting her in that situation. I didn't explain this to that mother although I probably should have. Maybe when the time is right. I should make Em wear an advertisement for her blog on her shirt everyday so people will visit her blog and understand what our life is like in "huhs".

Carrington and Jensen are doing fine...enjoying everyday of summer vacation outside riding bikes, talking to friends, and eating their weight in ice cream! They aren't ready to start getting up at 7 for school!

Since my last post, we found out that Doug is getting promoted! We are so excited for him and his accomplishments. He has worked so hard for us and he certainly deserves this promotion! We are hoping the promotion comes with better work hours (and secretly PCS orders!) but we'll see.

As for me, there is so much going on. We still aren't sure where the kids will go to school. I have been offered the job with the County, but still not sure which site. That will determine where the kids go...but it's still the hurry up and wait game. I will be working my butt off (literally) and transferring to Kansas State University hopefully next summer. I'm excited! There are many reasons why I am transferring and even more reasons why the major is changing. These reasons are mine and not something I'll post here for all to read..well..all three of you! LOL

Anyway...off to enjoy the day!

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