Monday, July 26, 2010

I hope you are listening

Still no word from TriCare...

I have had a horrible headache for two days now and I honestly think it is because I am so stressed about what will happen in 4th grade. The decision has been made to allow Jensen and Emmie to attend Travis Elem. I'm not excited by this decision by any means, but I can't see putting her back at Center. I am going to miss her Learning Center teacher like you would not believe. She has been such an important part of Emmie's development and I can't tell you how many tears have been shed over this decision. But, I have to take the step forward and pray to God that it was the right choice.

So, the process begins of taking Emmie's "binder" and recreating it for the new school. If the transfer of records goes as it usually does, the new school will have no idea of any allergies, medical information, or about her disorder. So, I am prepared to share this information within the first few days of school with both the school office, Resource and Speech Teacher, and her classroom instructor. I pray I will get the support needed to make Emmie's year a success. I hope God is listening to this prayer.

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