Friday, July 31, 2009

In her own words

Tonight I asked Emmie what I should write about. She has been the inspiration and the reasoning for this blog after all. Emmie said I should write about her. Okay, sure, I responded. Here's our conversation:

Emmie: Mom, can we have a snack?
Mom: Yeah, a small one.
Emmie: Can I have four cookies?
Mom: What kind of cookies?
Emmie: Animal cookies
Mom: Sure

Two seconds later..

Emmie: Mom, what are you doing? Checking your EEEE-mail? (she always puts too much emphasis on the E part!)

Mom: No, logging into your story. (that's what I call her blog)
Emmie: what are you writing?
Mom: Not sure yet. What should I write?
Emmie: Ummm...something about me. I got a new haircut.
Mom: I know you did! It is very cute. What else should I write?
Emmie: Well, who is gonna read it?
Mom: Mom's friends, your daddy, Me-maw, and maybe a few more people
Emmie: Wow
Mom: So, come sit with me.
Emmie: With my cookies?
Mom: Sure. Now, if you could tell everyone something about yourself..what would you say?
Emmie: Let me think.

Of course there is a pause while she sees how many animal crackers will fit in her mouth...bye bye lion, see you later monkey (and she tosses aside the piece that looks like the bum of an elephant)......

Emmie: Okay. I'm ready.
Mom: If you could tell me about you, what would you say?
Emmie: I would say I got a haircut.
Mom: And?
Emmie: And, I'm making daddy a picture to show him. Oh, I like to color and I am eating cookies. I looove cookies.
Mom: Is that all? What else do you like to do?
Emmie: I like to dance (as she throws her arms in the air). And I like to read.
Mom: You like to read?
Emmie: Yeah, I'm getting good at it. I wasn't good before.
Mom: You are getting really good!
Emmie: Yeah. It is HARD work. I like to read but it is hard.
Mom: So you want me to tell everyone that you like to read?
Emmie: Yes. But don't tell anyone I can't do it very good.
Mom: Don't worry, you are great at it.

And that's Emmie, in her words, right now. She loves what other little girl loves. She wants to read like they do to. She tries really hard and sometimes she gets the words right. But most often, she stumbles over them. Often she looks at the pictures on the page and tries to put the words together. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But don't tell her that I told you, otherwise I may get stuck eating the elephant's butt!


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