Friday, July 31, 2009

Bad day

Did I mention some days are better than others? Well today was horrible. Emmie had such a hard time today with everything. Everything I said had to be repeated, often more than once. We went shopping for shoes since summer is coming to an end and school is around the corner. Emmie seemed to fumble with every pair she tried on. She missed most of the conversation in the car and instead sat in the backseat singing to herself. She struggled to interact with anyone. You know how it is when you go to a restaurant, you sit down and the waitress comes over to tell you the specials, but she is talking so fast you barely got her name? That's how today was for Emmie. Everything seemed to be going too fast around her and she just wanted it to slow down. I could feel it. And socially, today was just as hard. Carrington and Jensen are typically very patient with her. But with her difficulties she often tries too hard to fit in. Emmie wants you to know she can do what everyone else can do. And today, they had it with her before breakfast. She often tries to hard to play with them. They would be happy to include her (okay, sometimes they just want their baby sister to go away and play dolls) but for the most part they're cool with her tagging along). Today she was loud and in their face. They went outside to ride the ripstick, this clever little skateboard, and Emmie was tagging right along. "Hey guys, Hey me, watch me". They tried their best to humor her and be patient, but it didn't last long. Finally, Carrington said to her "Emmie, we just want to ride and play before dinner". She was nice, but I know Carrington just wanted to yell at her and actually I was surprised she didn't.

Everyone has a bad day and today was Emmie's. I'm not sure what triggered it or if I should just chalk it up to "just one of those days". I can't help but feel sometimes the days are too over stimulating for her, she goes on auditory overload? Am I totally screwing this up? What should I have done today? She needs to be included in the everyday "life of a family", but should I have just stayed home with her and seen what happened? Maybe next time we'll try that. Maybe we'll try to ride in the car with the radio off, maybe I'll make conversation cards for her-something visual for her to see and follow along like a game? The Boardmaker program would really come in handy, but we can't afford it. (More on that program later!!). What do you think?

It was a long day and I'm exhausted. I can only imagine how Emmie feels. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

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