Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lucy's operation

Yesterday was an exciting day. A dear friend had to have surgery on her back and neck..she pulled through just fine and didn't even lose any stuffing! You see, Emmie's turtle Lucy, sprung a leak! Remember, she got her turtle for her birthday from Build a Bear and the wonderful company also performs surgery if the stitches come out. So, yesterday Lucy got dressed and we drove her to her operation. The young man working was very nice and told Emmie he would fix Lucy right up! We, of course, shopped because the poor turtle needed a new outfit. After all, she was undergoing a medical procedure! A few minutes later, the young man brought Lucy to Emmie and explained that Lucy pulled through the surgery just fine. The back surgery was a success, but she may be sore and to be careful when you squeeze her. The next surgery was tricky, but Lucy was a trooper. Emmie was so excited to have her dear friend all stitched up! We left with a new Valentines dress and black high heel shoes for Lucy. That turtle has her own dresser drawer.

We are all recovering from the traumatic event of Lucy's surgery. ha ha I swear that turtle lives better than I do!!

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