Sunday, November 29, 2009


Hello. Have we met? Just in case we haven't, pull up your chair, grab a cuddly blanket, a warm up of tea, and stay awhile. If we have met, then you realize what a crazy life I lead and I am forever grateful for your patience. If you really know me, then you are saying "get off your butt and post already". Yeah, I love you anyway.

We have been on Thanksgiving break this week. I can not describe how wonderful it has been to not have to be anywhere, not have to do anything, and just cuddle up on the couch and watch movies with the kids. My husband is on night shift, which sucks, and leaves him sleeping during the day and working twelve hours at night. So, me and the kids have been flying solo. We had a lovely Thanksgiving followed by a dessert social with great friends. Being military, the holidays are tough. But somehow our military family comes together and gives us the taste of "home" we crave. After all the pies and treats were consumed we headed out for some Black Friday shopping. Pure torture. Seriously, who's idea was this? Having a massive sale one day of the year for the entire world? We survived, barely.

The week with Emmie has been interesting and frustrating all in one. She had a heritage project to work on. It was an interesting project, but with the lack of stability this week, it was a difficult project. Sometimes I wish teachers would understand that we want the break too and please reserve projects for school days! She finished it, barely.

She has had a roller coaster of a week. Some days she's been right on, other's she's lagged behind. Missed words, misunderstandings, missed conversations all together. Then there's that one bright spot where you can have a conversation with her and she "gets" everything you have said and is able to respond appropriately. The bright spots get us through, barely.

I'm curious to see how her spelling words will go this week after having a break. Usually it takes her time to "reconnect". But I have faith that she'll transition back into the swing of things. Do you think she's excited about going back to school? Barely.

More, I promise. Okay, by now you are thinking my promises mean nothing since I keep saying I'll keep up this blog and I seen to fall behind. Trust me, I'm holding on to life by the seat of the pants...barely.

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